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Graduation Day!

So, BIG NEWS, I completed the Milan Art Mastery Program and attended the annual Experience and Graduation Event in Athens, GA.  It was a thrilling ride to say the least!  

First of all, I must admit that I began the Mastery Program with very little actual painting experience.  I was doing some abstract fluid art and other fun crafty things, but my attempts at portraits were "cartoony" and not in a good way. 

Second, although the program was designed to be done over 1 year, it really took me about 1 and 1/2 year...only 50% longer than intended.  The additional time was used to explore my visual voice and process options.  After some resistance, I decided that my visual voice is not actually that different from my everyday voice.  Perhaps my process is also pretty similar to how I do things.  As I tend to start projects a bit messy and refine them over time.  So the idea of creating a fun/messy background and then an "underpainting" really appeals to me.  ;-) 

Third, I've met so many outstanding people in the Milan Art Community.  Of course, there are the Milans and their extended family...all of which are artists!  Then, there are several art mentors/coaches who guide students via social media and Telegram.  Then, there are the other artists!!!!!  

Most of my website is my portfolio work.  My deepest desire is to inspire girls and women to live more boldly.  This is because there are so many subtle signals that we get from several aspects of society to be small, quiet, and know the good girl's pretty pervasive!   


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