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My journey into art began during a challenging period marked by career burnout and unfulfilled personal goals, such as becoming a parent. This quest for healing and self-discovery led me to rediscover my passion for art, initially through a simple paint-by-number kit. What began as a modest attempt to find solace and express myself quickly evolved into a profound exploration of expressive abstract art. This transition wasn't just about finding a new hobby; it represented a significant shift towards a more authentic form of self-expression, moving away from the constraints of my previous, stress-laden career.

Simultaneously, my life took a meaningful turn when my spouse and I embraced foster adoption, welcoming our 12-year-old daughter into our lives through UP Kids, a local agency supporting foster children and their families. This experience has deeply enriched my perspective, especially regarding themes of feminine strength and resilience, which now permeate my art. I strive to challenge and redefine conventional notions of feminism and beauty standards through my portraits of women, aiming to capture their inherent beauty and sensuality while moving beyond society's often sexualized portrayal. My goal is to contribute to a broader understanding of feminine strength that coexists with traditional notions of femininity, rather than opposing them.

As someone with a foot in both the worlds of science and art, I find my approach to art is enriched by my scientific background. This unique position allows me to delve into the complexities of color theory and pigment chemistry, infusing my work with a distinctive style that blends texture, depth, and color. This style reflects the intricate dance between my scientific curiosity and spiritual exploration, manifesting in art that resonates with both precision and emotion.

Through my art, I aim to amplify the message of feminine empowerment and engage in the ongoing conversation about the roles and representation of women in society. Furthermore, I am dedicated to supporting foster children and their families, a commitment reflected in my pledge to donate 10% of my art sales to organizations that aid foster kids. This act of giving back is not just a part of my artistic endeavor but a core aspect of my personal mission to advocate and support.

Artist Biography

Lynn Mazzoleni is an emerging artist and chemistry professor with a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her academic research focuses on the chemistry of tiny particles, including artist pigments. She also teaches chemistry to students from diverse backgrounds seeking STEM degrees at Michigan Tech. Her artwork is a stunning display of emotions, with each brushstroke and hue revealing beautiful reactions of emotional compounds. She resides in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and is passionate about using her academic and artistic talents to inspire women and girls to pursue their dreams.

"Art, for me, is a dialogue with the soul β€” a journey of uncovering the profound layers of feminine energy through the expressive freedom of paint."

– Lynn Mazzoleni